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tv   [untitled]    October 25, 2014 4:00pm-4:31pm PDT

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on the way over to this meeting from a new victim, so with antonio we will find out who his name was, he was beaten and kicked in the head by the san francisco police and so just when you don't see us, we are constantly working because the sfpd is constantly beating people and most of all i am here with the mother of (inaudible) who was on tonight's agenda, for possible closed session meeting, who was found mysteriously dead in his cell on october 4th, of this year in sfsheriff's department custody and this was after being beaten on february 19, page number 800, 651, 1002, and number, 2396 who beat him so badly they broke his right shoulder and a existing condition that essentially
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broke his neck and he was innocent of all that he he was accused of, and we demand justice and demand to know why? why is it okay to schedule such a vital discussion and, then just, casually toss it off, the calendar for tonight? and when the victim's mother has struggled to find the courage to find her way here? to fight for justice for her son and why is it okay to toss that off of the agenda, why is it open for closed session, the people have the right to know about what happened to him, just as they have the right to know what happened to alex as the right to know what happened to evans and the right to know what happens when police are violent and criminal. [ applause ] good evening, commissioners, my
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name is janet planel and mother of (inaudible) morinto, (inaudible) journmy ended october the third, 2014. two and a half weeks ago, in custody, in the san francisco county jail, however, it began on february the 19th, 2014. he had just purchased a car, he was given the keys and he was given the pink slip to the car. however, he drove away with the car, and he went and stopped off at smart and final to get a few things for the car and at orielies and he found himself all of a sudden surrounded by under cover cops. did notify themselves, drew their guns, and he thought that he was being hijacked. he felt his life was in danger and he tried to fight for his life. they claimed that he resisted
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arrest. they broke his shoulder, they broke his neck, he had a concussion, he was thrown in the patty wagon and taken to the bay view station and from there he was picked up by ambulance. when he was there, at bay view, he told me later on, that they said that the most disgusting vile, horrible things to him like he was a dog. then, i filed a complaint with the occ. naming all of the things that had happened step by step, it was a, long report, the letter that i received back from miss joys hiks, the allegation for the police officers of using unnecessary force is not sustained, allegation of neglect of duty against the police officers for failing to
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identify themselves as police officers, is unfounded. and the allegation of neglect of duty against a police officer for writing an inaccurate incident report, they lied. unfounded. the allegation of conduct, reflecting discredit on the department against an unknown police officer for making an inappropriate comment, not sustained. the allegation of discourtesy against a police officer for using profanity not sustained. the allegation of discursecy... >> thank you, ma'am. >> for making rude comments. >> my son is dead. >> and i am living as his voice. and i am going to turn your department upside down even if it means i go down. but i am not giving up on my son. >> thank you, ma'am. >> you try losing a son. and you see how you are going to feel. [ applause ]
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>> president and commissioners my name was david hooper and i was raised in town in the mission and i have lived in the neighborhood for 28 years and i also work and my working career was with muni and until i was 44 i was an operator and i have worked on the streets, and and i am familiar with the streets and i appreciate this neighborhood, and what i would like to make a couple of points but i would like to say first off that i appreciate the job, that the captain did here in his two years at the station, and we are always sorry to see someone effective, and responsive, go on to another challenge. and we appreciate the fact that captain mcfadden has been appointed and i want to say that the effort on his part to make it for the community and to engage with them, is a
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paramount value, and this really is the point where every officer needs to especially when they are young, they need to get a chance to work with the public, and to become effective to build, the relationships that they need to build as they mature in their careers. and i would also like to put in one more item, i would like to say, that every effort made, to address the ad at risk youth and to help them avoid having any kind of relationship with the criminal justice system is valuable and i know that you realize this and i appreciate the fact that all of you and your experience that you have put all of this effort into it and this is not an easy task. and thank you. >> good evening, first of all i
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have mixed emotions right now, because when you hear these kind of testimonies it makes you i worked for the city for 36 years and my name is adrian and i worked for the department of public health as an investigator for 36 years and i did it with the police department at times and i have have to tell you honestly, my respect to the family, and the family, and there is not only the case and there have been many cases but what i did not think that it needs to be, and to be conscious about the fact that in every family, the police department, families your family and my family, and everywhere. and you go every country that you go, there is problems. and there is some people that are better in it and in the infrastructure of that family and some peoples are not and i happen to have a beautiful family and i have problems, and
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some of my brothers who are great and some of my brothers are really bad. and so again, my heart goes out to you, to the family, and i want to say that, i am welcoming the new chief of police, of the station, and he sounded like a very nice guy and i applaud... i am a human rights activist too and i have been out there in the trenches as well as representing the city and i have to tell you that i have seen dysfunctionalty in every corner of it. and starting with my own family. and the community and we the people and, people, sometimes big things and sometimes, (inaudible) (inaudible). >> no i am saying that we have good people and we have bad people. in this case, alex is the victim and the other case and several members of my family are the aggress soars and they
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are the ones that screw up, i think that justice needs to come down to earth soon. and that the best way to do that is to stream line the process. and i noticed some of the resources that the captain was... >> thank you, sir. >> i am sorry. >> thank you for your comments. >> we need to work hard. in checking everything around because the nation is... >> thank you, sir. >> and i want to remind the audience, everybody gets their two minutes. everybody gets their two minutes so let's be respectful. >> thank you, sir. >> next. >> >> good evening, commissioners, and ladies and gentlemen, and i respect to the family and i am here about three years ago, and it seems to me that there is
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some organized effort to destroy me okay? and i think that i am talking about including the (inaudible) police department in for the (inaudible) also. and they finally, (inaudible) when i was heading to work at 4:00 a.m., you know, on the highway, and i survived. and i mean, i know that the $3,000 in america (inaudible) because i think that this was prearranged. my car was hit, and like three times, you know, and three different incidents. and people that have a questionable. you know? and in two chps came to the
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highway, and like they,... (inaudible) trying to find the help with the people on the phone and (inaudible) how to help me. and (inaudible) they say that i am not qualified. and i am going to have to tell you that... you know, whenever the police, sees my previous arrests you know, and my convictions that i find that i have a got a copy of their reports and to supplement the incidents where i find that is a lie, okay? and the police lie, one of them, in california, and accused me of... (inaudible) (inaudible) >> thank you, sir. >> i need help, please? i am going to make a report. >> there is an investigator that you can speak to from the
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occ right here m the front row. >> director hicks thank you. >> we can get the process started tonight, sir, thank you. >> ladies and gentlemen, commissioners, good evening. for the record my name is amelia law ens and i have been a resident for the city and county of san francisco for 45 years. i have read the papers for 45 years. and i have seen a number of or read about a number of killings in the city over a period of 4 and a half decades. i am not here today to talk or to talk about alex and as well
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as the police commissioner reports i would like to congratulate mcfadden he did a good, and i think that we should be thankful that we have a police officer of this background monitoring the events and tonight i wish to speak about one item, we have the killing of alex and we also have the problem of city college student and i have been there for eleven years now and i am one of the older students. i one of the ones that still read the newspaper from the old school. the sf pd, should play a role in terms of supporting the school to make sure that the police officers there do not have guns and i don't think that we need another student to be blown away. thank you. the issue at large is not so much that, this is a tragedy, and there is no doubt about it. the problem is that they need
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to be fully trained and owned and use a weapon and the pd, at city college, i do not believe that they are there yet. and they may not be there for decades. and when you get a student, that is shot, multiple times, that did not even have a weapon on them. and you have a problem, across america because some dysfunctional person walks up to another policeman in another state and reads the article and decides that you are going to put three slugs in him and you don't like that to happen on any level and don't like that and if you look at it is that my heart goes out to the neto family and also to any officer that gets shot on the job. we can start by stopping any police. >> thank you for your comments, sir. >> i thank you for your time on
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this matter. >> you can give them to the secretary. >> thank you. >> much going on in here tonight. my name is gladice mariba and personally i have had a really bad experience with ingleside, south of a different police report and domestic violence. and two weeks ago i called 911, three men broke into my house and i know that they were sent by my ex-boyfriend to hurt me, and the officers did not arrest them because they said that i could notify the three men and i have been respectful of the police up until a year and a half ago when i found out that i am hiv positive because my e boyfriend knowingly infected me and the police have told me that is not a crime in
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california. for someone to knowingly infect someone with hiv. and i feel like instead of you guys focusing on attacking innocence people, you need to focus on my ex-boyfriend and who is a registered sex offend and her did 17 years in jail for raping a 14-year-old boy and i have come to you for help several times and you don't want to help me, i don't want to be the next homicide statistic and that is where it is leading he has told me that i will kill you if you keep this up he has filed restrainingorders and everything, and but i am not going to stop because i need justice. >> thank you. deputy chief, and captain, someone, please follow up, and immediately about it. >> and i also have filed a complaint with the occ. >> thank you. >> thanks, make sure that you talk to... [ applause ]
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>> hi, my name is patricia and (inaudible) and i am with the neighborhood watch and we have 130 members and we are based right at the beginning of the eexcelcior near the freeway and i took a bunch of allergy pills before i came here and i am a little off. sorry. we did a petition for foot patrol officers and we got, 600 signature and we blew up your e-mail account but it was important to us, and i know that there are problems with staffing and i really appreciate the captain's measure of having, the officers get out of their cars, and introduce themselves to the community. and to actually not just hide in the cars but out among us and i think that it is a good plan b, we need plan a and we need plan a, specifically because we are the biggest part of the green zone in san
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francisco, even if we had all of the clubs, that acted above board and were wonderful which we don't, have them, and most of the clubs that we have are terrible and don't police their own environments and we have everybody coming up from, and we need the police to watch the people coming in who don't need to live here. tensions are running highs was at a meeting and (inaudible) it is also in the problems around it. where he live we have the (inaudible) and it is making the residents uncomfort, and they are the parking and traffic and security guards who are dressed as cleaners and so we have a mini, security force in our neighborhood and they are all really nice. but we really would rather have cops. and we are very worried we are
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going to get another pop club and here we go. with nothing but problems. and when went already, the police presents on the groubd to help us. and i also want more cops for the sfpd will know us, and i learn a lot and i go to a lot of meeting but i have never been to a meeting like this. i am so deeply sad, i see, i have always had so much respect for the police and i have a different experience, you guys have to come and know us. we are a deeply angry community and a lot of the people look like me, and mostly the people that look like me are angry and would yell at you. and other people that don't look like me are twice as angry and will not yell at you and are afraid of you. >> we need your help. >> thank you. >> hi, i am born and raised in the mission and i look kind of like her and i have never got
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hassled by the cops at all. and so it makes sense that she is asking for more cops to me. but any way, so i am here in solidary with the families of people who have been killed by the police. and a lot of people today we had to sit through this really revolting thing at the beginning of this meeting where all of the cops were congratulating each other and one of the things that the people kept saying was about how great it is when the police will talk to the community, and they will really engage. you know they will really community. well, you know, it is, really useful for them to communicate with the community, when they don't do anything else. so they can have good pr people who can talk well, that is really good for them. so, congratulationss for that, but like what about actually action? i mean, i think that a lot of people throughout history have suggested that we get rid of
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the police altogether and that we develop the ways of dealing with the problems in our community, together and it is called community control. but black panthers came up with it and the young lawyers came up with it, and women and queer whose need to protect themselves like the women who came up before and they came up with it too. but, you know, maybe, an action plan one like concrete thing that could happen, before we totally disban the police would be getting rid of the guns, having the police not carry guns any more. you can keep hiring people that are good at talking, good at like, being a good face and like making people happy. and giving you a little applause at these meetings, but, most people get it, and most people are not swayed by that. that is all that i wanted to say. >> thank you. [ applause ] >> welcome. >> my name is alehandr, and i am a community organizer.
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>> and my name is (inaudible) and i am also a organizer at chalk. >> i am really nervous, so we are here to stand in solidary with alex's family and the recent murder of (inaudible) i forgot your name. and yeah, her son, and we just need change, like it is not fair, like, when is this going to stop? and you guys are killing our black and brown youth, like that is not fair, i am really nervous. >> you can keep talking. >> yeah, i am just asking for change, because this is really not fair, and they are really needs to be a change in the community and some of the police officers, need to really, be trained better, and maybe not carry guns, we just need change like this is not fair, and it is time to stand up and fight for our rights, because this can't be and cannot continue. >> that is all that i have to say. >> >> i was also raised in the
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mission, and born and raised in the mission, and yeah, this needs to change. >> thank you. [ applause ] >> my name is barbara gross, very (inaudible) piece of property and i would like to have an investigation against the probate department that passes itself off as a legal entity. i had a simple request, to have a step in bathtub paid for and that was blocked each though i had money in my inheritance account so long as i had money in the account i was a nut case and i am not supposed to know that the money went to my ex-husband and it does not cost to buy into the dirty system. but once you are brought in it is worth it because they got my entire inheritance and my third share of a house here in san
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francisco. i also had a request to pay off the san francisco fireman's credit union and the money was in my account, denied. >> and just did not act on it. and the san francisco fireman, union is not..., and a viable, agency and, i hope that the judge does not live in san francisco. but, any way, the idea is you get taken to the cleaner by an adulterer, and it is an adulterer court, the dumb little wife, miss stupid here did not have a clue what was going on that my husband was playing footsy all over the place, such is life, he is remarried and i have got aun on a first date, who wants another one, enough is enough. the idea is that i would like to have an investigation of probate and i think that all of the judges and all of the
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lawyers are in on it and they do something for you the first time and nothing the rest of the time. except vacuum out my inheritance with nothing to show for it. thank you. >> thank you. >> a little thing about domestic violence. excuse me an aad o i was walking pass my husband, and he was an employee with the police department and no comments and insults and i came to and i didn't know that i was going to get knocked out, i lifted my head and listened there was no sound he was not around. trained jail guard, yeah i stood a chance, not much, thank you. >> thank you. >> and if you could,..., thank you ma'am. >> if there is a... >> thank you for your comments. >> violence, paying the address, please? >> so that you can can't keep coming back, for stupid reports. >> thank you. >> that should be a supervisor all of the time.
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thank you. >> next? >> >> (inaudible) my place of work at balboa high school. my name is (inaudible) and i teach english here and i have been in the district for 7 years and born and raised here and so i have been teaching for 7 years. i want to acknowledge a lot of tension in the room and i also want to say so my solidary with the two families. of pending cases, and with the woman who also shared her own many pending cases. i also want to first say and i am not putting this on the police department, but the only reason there are not more balboa parents and teachers and students, is because we are not given adequate warning and i am going to have a long talk with my co-workers and admin as to why we are not given time, the reason that is important because inspired by the case of
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grant in oakland, the students studied the general order, where the radio code, and also, the idea of police officers, getting out of their car and positively engaging with the taouts is from. so four sections of my tenth grade students studied this document, and analyzed this document and would have loved to have been here if they would have known. and so i am going to have a conversation with the principal, what i want to reiterate is that my students don't trust the police and i don't think that it is novel news to anyone here that working class, black and brown people have a long understandable distress with the police department and with the state in many ways that is not new, but what i do want to reiterate is that when my students come with stories of hearing about alex's case, and of the young man, who face was pressed into the gutter by a police officer, these are the kinds of things that they come
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with and again, i understand the system, while i am greatly distressing of the notion of the policing as we do, have it in this country, i do also, understand that many of the students have had the positive interactions with the police and my ask is that we, i want to see the police, commission, really push for public use, distribution, and put in the newspaper, and all of these things of this actual general order because so much of the work that the people who are speaking to here has been done and layed out by the numerous folks and many of you and yet this is the first time that any of the students and my families have read about it last year and so, it is on me, suddenly as a public schoolteacher to bring this kind of knowledge of their... >> thank you, ma'am. >> thank you for your comments. >> thank you. [ applause ] >> and just a suggestion, that you might consider inviting the chief or the member of the command staff or the commissioner to come and speak to the students since we missed
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the opportunity to do that, often times at elementary, fifth grade classes will be there and invite us back. >> thank you. >> hello, my name is yai son (inaudible) and i am an artist and educator in san francisco. and i just want to echo a lot of the sentiments that the teacher just shared. i actively work with the young people across san francisco and i am understanding the community, and policing general order and there is some really actual great ten ents that are in the general order, and specifically around the mutual respect and shared responsibilities and it is really hard to be teaching that though, when it does not feel mutual and it does not feel shared. and one of the tactics that i have had to take is figure out how to have these conversations with the young people and with the different community members in order to make the meaning out of it for ourselves so that we can have a better understanding of what the general order means to ourselves so that we can have the bet every conversations across the shared responsibility and mutual respect.
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and but when, information is leaked out of our said, and off of the cuff that is irrelevant to cases, and when the things are when i hear daily stories from the young people, mostly black and brown youth, about the different microaggressions and way that the officers do approach them or if it is a little bit accuse torrey and it is and feels that, and it is hard to say yes, let's interact with the police. and it is really really difficult. and this is a white guy, talking about it, with black and brown communities, because i don't have the answers to that. and i am never going to have the answers to that and i think that there needs to be a lot more work done internally in the department, about how to understand, what is mutual respect? what does it look like to you all? what are the behaviors of mutual respect? that is the first thing that i ask when i work with the young people? what does respect look like sound like, feel like? what are the interactions? what are the conversations that we have to have? how does it


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